Microsoft Business Voice

Business Voice

What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft business voice is a new service being offered by Microsoft.

It allows you to import your landline numbers into Microsoft Teams and utilise teams as your phone system.

Best suited for SMEs and particularly useful in the modern post COVID-19 world. It allows you to access your traditional desk phone number from either a mobile app, the teams desktop app or from a teams enabled desk phone. Perfect if you've got staff working from home but still need the sales calls picked up.

It has all the features of a simple phone system, allowing you to setup call routing and hunt groups. As long as your existing phone system isn't doing anything too complicated it should be able to slip straight in and handle all the facilities your current system does.

It's a Software as a Service product (see our article here about SaaS). It's licensed within Microsoft 365 (more details on Microsoft 365 here), this means you can scale it as you need. You only pay for what you require and you no longer have to look after the cumbersome hardware of a phone system on site.


What does it cost and what do you get

The standard cost is £12 user/month and that includes 1200 minutes of UK calls per user each month. These minutes are pooled at the tenant level. This means your users can share all their minutes between them. You likely have some users who make lots of calls and some who make hardly any. This allows you to share the minutes between them, making your allowances go further.

The only requirement is your users need to have a Microsoft 365 license as well.

You can implement desk phones, if you like the traditional approach, but the system works just as well from within the Teams desktop app with a headset, making a very cheap way of implementing a new system.

If you'd like to chat about implementing Microsoft 365 Business voice then please give us a call on 01252 918 990, or why not book in free consultation here